Iritzia balioztatuta2023/05/25 egunean joan zen
Muy recomendable
músicos excelentes
Iritzia balioztatuta2023/05/18 egunean joan zen
Cheerfull evening
Very nice music before the break, and a cheerfull jamsession after the break. thanks!
Marleen Bekkers
Iritzia balioztatuta2023/05/4 egunean joan zen
Session jam
Just amazing!!!
Iritzia balioztatuta2023/03/30 egunean joan zen
Bona música i poc ball
Local amb bona música, però trobo que hi ha masses taules amb gent asseguda i falta espai per què la gent pugui estar més de peu movent-se o ballant i poder connectar més amb l'actuació.
Iritzia balioztatuta2023/02/23 egunean joan zen
The artist embarrassing a guy in the audience.
The music was cool, but I lost the feeling and taste for the whole event, when the artist in quite a rude way, in front of everybody, told a guy off who was sitting in front and maybe talking a bit t Gehiago irakurri o loud. There are different ways of dealing with situations, this was unprofessional. Also the lady in the bar was “schyshing” some ppl in the audience quite angrily. Again- there are polite ways of quieting ppl down which don’t make ppl feel that they are sitting on a school bench. It is not a good idea to berate paying customers. The event was supposed to be a blues jam session, not a classical concert, wasn’t it? Otherwise I like the place and the price of the ticket is not too expensive which is good! The girl in the first bar was lovely and friendly.